Pictures are fast travels. Travels are fast picture carriers. They often molting to a mass of a lot of impressions in our head. Only fragments stay recognizable. If you try to focus on what really happened, you might find doubts and questions: Was it real? Have I been there? Have I been to all these places?
Spending time abroad also means finding the true beauty in the unknown – the small differences. Everything seems to become very special, even the most trivial actions like shopping in a local supermarket, searching for dairy products combined with the easy question in the local language:

“Where is the milk?”

Products, stores, trees, streets, houses, people – everything transforms into an exciting aspect of the country that needs to be explored. The lack of time to do so, forced me to take a lot of pictures. Later I combined the impressions to get an all-in-one image.
What stays is the portrayal of very special layers of very special places.

2013 – 2014


160 x 120cm

10 pictures


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