How to bring together a diversity¬†– every country, every cultural group, every family has it’s own rituals

funeral rituals - a concept

It is the matter of an interactive installation concept, which is unlinked to a special room and therefor free to be transformed to different cities. By entering the room you see a wall which visualizes pictures by a rear projection. Certainly the visitor just sees the pictures that are directly in front of her/him, the rest is faded out to white. This is possible by camera tracking, which tracks the dark clothes of the visitors. It symbolizes the oblivion which eventuates when the beholder turns away and therefor it brings this fact back to the awareness. Furthermore the interest for the individual increases, which is a fact that involves the dignity as well as the personality, because the visitor has to face the deceased. The pictures itselves are shown in the familiar photo size of 13 x 9 cm, which builds another personal connection. Additionally the beholder appreciates the deceased in public, but likewise in a intimate situation.

At the back of the entrance wall are simple input possibilities located to become a part of the projection and the community. A USB port and a touchscreen. It is possible to upload a picture very easy in several steps and to see where it is located afterwards at the wall.

The room is also a place for conversation as you meet a lot of different people that probably experienced the same and you get in contact much easier then at a cemetery.



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