No Name No Fame
a work about glory

Art students are not very established. The compulsion of realising works is a result of aspiring after a certain extent of fame that is not really existing. Confronted by the big names that achievement is impalpable for now.
The year exhibition seems to be thinkable as a stepping stone for the own name, but your are just one part of a faceless mass representation. The portrait of the artist and her/his signum produces relief of the glimpsing moment by using an autograph card.

The artist was sitting at the balcony of the “Gärtnerhaus” (building of the time-based art class) and signed her/his own personal card. Afterwards the cards have been thrown to the front of the house, so every passerby could pick them up.



Jeannine Große, Susa Pankrath

Susa Pankrath

Jeannine Große,
Jana Isabella Luck,
Susi Whitewig,
Arne Mross,
Ulrich Muschler,
Georg Nikolai,
Konstantin Pape,
Pit Klemm,
Susa Pankrath

annual exhibition of the
Burg Giebichenstein
University of Art and Design Halle


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