a concept developed at the Sónar Innovation Challenge for the Absolut labs challenge

Let’s go to a festival and leave the everyday world behind yourself!

You enter the event by choosing a coloured shot and a dark room behind. You will see an every day object on your body. Depending on your movement it bounces inside your silhouette and spreads into particles. During the whole process, coloured light starts illuminating the room. In the end, the whole room shines bright in the chosen colour. You will also get a individual melody and beat that get louder and louder. At the point of total brightness and loudness, everything stops instantly and you will stand in a dark room to find a small glowing bottle of your colour essence that will only show its secret in black light.  And you are ready to start the party.

Rite of passage, marking entrance or acceptance into a group or society; a transformation where the person is ‘reborn’ into a new role, enabling a fundamental change. 


Tamer Aslan,
Anna Carreras,
Matt Gingold,
Claudia Oliveira,
Susa Pankrath



Absolut Vodka

Year: 2016


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