The city as a formation expands, offers networks and promises much more than just habitation. It often constitutes the key element of our perception of the world.

This small world seems to be powered by another time reckoning.

Although the clockhands click at the same speed, the view on the streets changes in a continual speed rush. The constant volume speeds up the footsteps, wheels, wings and minds. The city becomes a allegory for stress and further the oblivion of its beauty.

So! If you close your eyes just a little bit, stop to focus, it starts to glitter. Shadows and lights curl enchanted past the observer. The street as a confounder decelerate itself. It forms a sort of protection against the rush, down to beauty and fusion of the impressions.

Inspired by carriers of headphones that escapes the noise, the sounds change, graze elemental courses of life and merge with the beat of the city.

T(ER)RAFFIC - a work about the street


installation, projection

K2 Güncel Sanat Merkezi – K2 Contemporary Art Center


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