Dancin’ with myself

DANCIN’ WITH MYSELF In an act of celebrating the body’s magnificence, Susa Pankrath’s durational performance is informed by the patterns she often creates in her new media practice. Dancin’…

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MENSCH|MASCHINE (HUMAN|MACHINE) A Conversation It’s about The machines are getting louder and louder, they develop their own technical sing-song in the noise.- The drummer starts discovering melodics…

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PROJECTION – SAFRANOTE DANCE COMPANY Projection for a piece in three acts. The different scenes play with associations, that are supported by screened pictures and videos. The shown gesture of the…

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No Name No Fame a work about glory Art students are not very established. The compulsion of realising works is a result of aspiring after a certain extent of fame that is not really existing….

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Music Was My First Thought

MUSIC WAS MY FIRST THOUGHT Memory builds one of the keystones of our experience. But which informations last? Repetitive memorizing combined with emotional moments creates a rich fundus. During the…

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KLEBENSLANG a performance about the life as an artist KLEBENSLANG (german pun for glue & lifelong) The seemingly purposeless starting-up, affectionate meticulousness is greeting, as it lays down…

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