TRANSITION fashion show as fashion show can be Three fashion designers and one new media artist developed a unique fashion show as the highlight of the opening ceremony of 2016 Designer’s Open Fair….

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What’s behind the wall?

What’s behind the wall? In the collaborative work, Jonas Braune and me played with the imaginary game of what one can find behind a wall, how people live or how dream to live. Therefor we used a…

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FAMILIE MÜLLERMEIERSCHULZE WHAT STAYS? Memories are part and parcel of every family history. Pictures shape them and hold them permanent. But what happens to memories when one doesn’t know the…

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C C C C PROJECTION – BAUHAUS DESSAU The strict architecturally segmented, rectangular form of the glass facade builds the foundation of the facade projection called “CCCC”. The rectangles, the…

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T(ER)RAFFIC A WORK ABOUT THE STREET The city as a formation expands, offers networks and promises much more than just habitation. It often constitutes the key element of our perception of the world….

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PROJECTION – SAFRANOTE DANCE COMPANY Projection for a piece in three acts. The different scenes play with associations, that are supported by screened pictures and videos. The shown gesture of the…

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ALL YOU CAN PAINT Urban Art Festival A.Y.C.P. – Urban Art Festival: All You Can Paint The outdoor gallery is pushed by a urban art festival. In accordance with that facades and house walls should be…

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leave a trace

LEAVE A TRACE How to bring together a diversity – every country, every cultural group, every family has it’s own rituals funeral rituals – a concept It is the matter of an interactive installation…

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EISDEALER In occasion of the Bachelor project presentation of fashion designer Alexandra Börner, she asked the ballet dancer Max Dinnebier to undress while dancing. She designed a collection of…

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FASHION SHOWS PROJECTIONS 2011-2016 “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”…

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ELECTRICITY A WORK ABOUT PERCEPTION year  2013 categories  installation, projection group exhibition with Matthias Höhl Phillip Hiersemann Stefan Schwarzer Erik Swars Hanna Sass…

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Rite of Colour

RITE OF COLOUR a concept developed at the Sónar Innovation Challenge for the Absolut labs challenge Let’s go to a festival and leave the everyday world behind yourself! You enter the event by…

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